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From Wh-question about these sentences based on the words in blod (выделенные).

Example: The miss their school friends in summer. - When do they miss their school friends?

1) There are two new pupils in our form. -

2) There'll be 20 British girls and boys in Barbara's class this year. -

3) Elizabeth likes her new textbooks. -

4) The girls are from Britain. -

5)Mark invited me to England last year. -

6) We were happy to get good marks in French because it's difficult subject. -

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1) How many pupils in our form?

2) How many will be British girls and boys in Barbara`s class this year?

3) Does Elizabeth like her new textbooks?

4) Where are the girls from?

5) When did Mike invite you to England?

6) Why you were happy to get good marks in French?