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сочинение "мой лучший день в жизни"

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The best day of my life was my birthday. Because from that moment on I started my career. Life is given to man so that he has lived it for a reason. As the quote: "Life is meaningless, and we decide what the meaning of it to fill." This is the most precious gift given to man - the life. It is possible to live without risk, calmly and quietly, leaving no trace of himself in history. But it can not be afraid to go for their goals. To achieve all that you want. After all, every man laid a lot of potential. It is only necessary to try to develop it. Repeat this day is not possible, but we can give new life to their children, who will continue the path to the worthy goals. Say nothing more to be done and then the goal becomes closer and my future children will be able to say that their father did not live in vain. What I felt then, as thought skahzat difficult. No one remembers, one can say exactly the kind of love that I gave to my parents, grandmother and grandfather was everything to me, that I granted the happiness and joy, and guided me out of trouble. I want to and my future children have nothing and would not need to find yourself in life. and for this they need to send the right path. We all work and aspire to something ultimately for the sake of our children, they will enjoy our successes and our failures to experience. It is necessary to give the children to understand that if they want to achieve something, you should go to the COBOL goals and live with your loved ones. The love that you give your children makes them stronger, and I am grateful to my parents and grandfather babushkan that they are well taken care of me and gave me love and I want to just give my future children to the care, love and understanding so that they were real people and were happy and loved his family.

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