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Помогите по английскому 10 класс срочно пожалуйста Complete the sentences with the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in brackets. 1 I was cycling to school when I (see) my cat in a tree. 2 I (walk) through the zoo when I saw a crocodile coming towards me! 3 I (eat) an ice cream while I was watching TV. 4 I lost my money while I (sit) on the bus. 5 I was talking on my mobile when my friend (arrive). 6 The students (all / talk) when the teacher (walk) in 7 What (you / do) when I rang you at eight last night? 8 When I saw my friend in town, he (buy) a new T-shirt in a shop.

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6)all talking, walked

7)you doing


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