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1.My sister often ______ (to go) to rock concerts. 2.Kate _____ (to do) her homework two days ago. 3.Joe _____ (to buy) a car yesterday. 4.Look there! Sue and Tim ____ (to run) to school. 5.You ____ (to work) in an office. 6.He _____ (to write) a letter at 6 p.m. last evening. 7.Jane always __________ (to bring) us a nice present. 8.We _____ (to visit) our granny a week ago. 9.I ______ (to watch) TV now. 10. At 8.40 yesterday morning my mother ______ (to drive) me to university. СРОЧНО ДАЮ 30 БАЛОВ

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Ответ:1)My sister often goes to rock concerts

2) Kate did her homework two days ago

3)Joe bought a car yesterday

4)Look there! Sue and Tim are running to schoo

5)You work in an office

6)He wrote a letter at 6 p.m. last evening

7)Jane always brings us a nice present

8)We visited our granny a week ago

9)I am watching TV now

10)At 8.40 yesterday morning my mother drove me to university


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